Category: Musings

Considering the meaning,

pitching an idea,

capturing a moment,

appreciating every thing.

Desiring the impossible,

observing an angel,

being a shoulder,

hearing every thing.

Crying the tears,

cutting a vein,

living an atrocity,

ending every thing.

Seeing the light,

posing an ideal,

knowing a release,

becoming nothing.

And yet, ‘Everything’.

Steve B 04/11


Plastic Bags

Like warm air rising, cooling, falling. We pass one another.

Almost to the point of naivete it seems, just constant movement

without care or premeditation. Our moment will come again.

I wish there was something more to be done, some semblance of control

to exert over this waiting and wanting. Ne’er a need, but perhaps a little distress

contained within smile ridden, cordial exchanges.

Given without, accepted within. Just sitting back, watching as day turns to dusk,

turns to night, becomes sleep. Then awakening afresh to start a routine which holds

very little, if no, satisfaction. How the moments drag in between those connections,

friends, family….. You.

Here comes the updraft once again.

Steve B 11/10

A Quick Quote

It’s startling how fast your perspective changes the further you fall.
Steve B 12/08

Trying To Understand

Each day brings me one step closer to wondering what real choices are left.
Or right?
Taking the middle path, observing who I am now, who I used to be. Knowing I was
someone I would never choose to be again.
So why, if I am the ‘better’ man now, am I constantly alone when the ‘worse’ man was
enveloped by love, passion and promise?
True irony is a very rare thing.
Steve B 12/08
I feel like the punchline to a bad joke, that I never ‘got’………..
…………But laughed along with anyway.
Steve B 12/08


Separation brings unity.
Unity creates separation.
The only variable is the time we allow each to exist.
Steve B 11/08

Thinking, Or Being Seen Not To…?

The end is reached, a culmination of factors
seemingly too complex, yet so simple to analyse.
Impossible to understand,
sweeping us through days, nights, conversations, moments…..
Patched up feelings, rememberance of the good
things we went through, those tragic realisations too.
Fractions of the whole,
carrying us through stupidity, ineptitude, failures, sorrow…..
Borne unto a new beginning, deciduous leaves
falling to the ground, nourishing the roots of continued existence.
Continuation of life,
cycling through growth, improvement, realisation, peace….
Making others see, we only know
what our experiences allow us to understand, a first time for everything.
To do what’s right,
running headlong through hope, trust, fear, love….
That is the combined wisdom of what I know, what is within myself.
Appreciating the positives, accepting the negatives.
Wanting to do what’s right, within the scope of the world and life I know.
Seemingly getting nowhere, except trapped in the mind, the thoughts
that I have too much time to philosophise over.
For it seems whether we do what we think is right, or what others think is wrong……..
What’s left?
Steve B 08/08

Dial-Up or Broadband?

A connection is never really lost,
when two people have something that cannot be described in mere words.
Like a poem that means something different to each person who reads it,
that connection stands as a living memorial,
even if the physical bond that created it has long been severed.
Steve B 08/08

Dust, Wonder & Distance

As the dust settles on another meaningless experience
he wonders what is there to fight for, to dream of, to look forward to?
Just a life crumbling around him, whilst those he knows move forwards,
trapped in a nightmarish surreality of giving it everything, yet still achieving nothing.
Is failure an absolute, has the world decided that what he knows is all useless?
Who he is becomes less important with each passing moment,
wanting the courage and support, understanding he is unable to continue alone.
But everyone has gone. Some out of sight, beyond the beckoning horizon,
others inexorably distancing themselves.
Whereas he was the one who encouraged, nurtured, sacrificed,
that same help won’t flow both ways.
It frightens him.
Now it is just a question of what this dread will accomplish.
Steve B 07/08

Duel To The Death

My heart and my head are fighting a battle to the death….
But surely they must realise the war was lost a very long time ago.