The end is reached, a culmination of factors
seemingly too complex, yet so simple to analyse.
Impossible to understand,
sweeping us through days, nights, conversations, moments…..
Patched up feelings, rememberance of the good
things we went through, those tragic realisations too.
Fractions of the whole,
carrying us through stupidity, ineptitude, failures, sorrow…..
Borne unto a new beginning, deciduous leaves
falling to the ground, nourishing the roots of continued existence.
Continuation of life,
cycling through growth, improvement, realisation, peace….
Making others see, we only know
what our experiences allow us to understand, a first time for everything.
To do what’s right,
running headlong through hope, trust, fear, love….
That is the combined wisdom of what I know, what is within myself.
Appreciating the positives, accepting the negatives.
Wanting to do what’s right, within the scope of the world and life I know.
Seemingly getting nowhere, except trapped in the mind, the thoughts
that I have too much time to philosophise over.
For it seems whether we do what we think is right, or what others think is wrong……..
What’s left?
Steve B 08/08