That’s it then?

Replacement found?


Our time, now forgotten?

My love, my mission, your wish my command……


How deep is the Irony, that what was spoken?

Words uttered, perhaps of the moment?

Love, desire, meaning, sacrifice, want, hope, togetherness……….


Lost because the road wasn’t smooth enough,

that communication wasn’t what you needed it to be…….

Ha, ha, ha, I laugh…. And I weep.


You speak of values, yet showed me you are happy to betray your own,

in the moment, when it suits yourself.

Ready with an excuse, a way out, a back door…..

Not suggesting fault at my door, but implying my own self lacks that certain something.


Then you cite distance, oh another Irony…

‘We’ being too far apart, separated by a distance that, in reality, was nothing.

But now, you make a point about, with this new ‘love’, as I am not good enough….

That being apart pains you, and you WANT to take the time to get closer..


If only my love for you, and you know I did love you, would elicit such a response.


Now I merely welcome the abyss.

I’ve loved, and I’ve not been loved……. So, I’ll live out my days, alone.


Here’s a little bit of truth.

If you left this world before me, I would fight to carry your coffin, and would stand before a crowd to express my love and admiration….

But, if I died tomorrow… Would you even care?

Or would I just be someone else who fulfilled a purpose when you spread your arms and cried out in some moment of need?

Steve B 07/15