No one lived, who saw the sword.

For the briefest moment, they realised, and understood.

Before being gone.

And such is the heart. We belive that there is something that can be explained.

Yet, when we truly realise……. It’s over, gone…….. Just something we try to put into words.


Severed from what we know, becoming a transient exposition of a million, million thoughts.

Gone,  and never to be recovered, we try………. Oh, how we try to move on.

Forgetting that beautiful face, those encompassing curves, that intellectual mind,

we want to forget that special something, that made us feel like we were a small part of something

that might echo beyond this, that, trivial essences which bind us to the material world.


But no…….. We all could die right now, here, alone……. No one would care,

and yet in their glancing memory we could still exist.

Made real again in that briefest moment, then forgotten…. Like so much flotsam pressing against the

corners of their mind. A mind, like our own, we thought a dual existence might shape..

Yet, against the passage of time, we become just another trivial choice.


Perhaps just that instance when you didn’t look both ways?


I’m glad you crossed the road alone…… But I’m sad that I now only get to glance at you

between those passing cars……. And you look so happy without me.


Steve B 01/14