There was a sense, a feeling, sensation….. Almost, but not quite a belief….

That time may heal.

Yet, it’s not healing… It’s forgetting.

Pain subsides as the memories evaporate.

What once was so crystal clear, a reflection against the edge of a prism..

Becomes like a grainy video, magnetic tape watched and paused,

creating an image corrupted with that ‘fuzz’.

A soundtrack of words you promised never to forget,

but is now crackly, distorted, indistinct.

The remembrance of individual moments, becomes entangled,

constricted in a haze of things that you aren’t sure really happened.

As a consequence of mind knowing how important it was, but the details slipping away.

Replaced by messages typed out in a covert, government office, filling in the gaps…

That story for the public, explaining what Big Brother needs you to know,

rather than, as it should be…… Just forgotten, let go of.

Only the knowledge of what was, can never actually happen again.

Creates the pain, even if what was makes you smile and laugh,

that happiness is on the condition your mind will accept the fabrications

as the gaps grow larger.

Until you wonder what was real, what isn’t, and in doing so….

Understand that if it might not have happened, something just as special could happen to you again

Steve B 11/13