A Good Heart…… Is only worthy when joined to a god mind, soul and being.

It’s a long term perspective. I mean we can all put a pound coin in an envelope…

But that only deals with our immediacy, a response to that logo of a man ploughing a rutted field.

Don’t pretend to suggest you offered time, because you didn’t

I am not pretending i can build garden furniture, or that I have some massive pendulum between my legs,

even if you have experienced and dismissed such thing, and I have accepted that as a triviality.

I have gifts, and weaknesses……. Flaws I’d want to correct, but can’t on my own.

Perhaps I might find some song title to fit my meaning, but I loathe to usurp the words of others.

Just know you gave up on me, I can never give up you.

Steve B 09/13