I don’t deal in your emotions, because you don’t want me to.

I don’t understand your thoughts, because you purposely choose to push me away,

regardless of how often I have expressed my desire to be let back in.

YOU sit on the mountain, one I’ve climbed, and one I’ve been expelled from.

That mutual plateau you now seek another to share.

What is…… Is what you decided, what I lost any influence over a long, long, long time ago.

You knew I loved you then, and know I love you now. Time doesn’t dent, nor tarnish, that……

As long as you are the person, the woman, you are. And I know you to be, It is unconditional,

without pretense, or condition….

I won’t judge you on the minutae, because the whole supercedes.

It’s no more, or less, than a personal resolution. To know what it is, what I am, that I can never amend in time.

To sit and then take a step back, then another, and another……. Perception of what surrounds.

The Person I am, the woman you are. But still, not knowing what makes the man unworthy.

How you dream of another, who might be…… And that, as one roll of the dice i know only too well…….

But, how…….. How the numbers on those white ivory faces, never added up to enough, when you threw those

‘bones’, and looked at me…….

I’d have signed my soul away, for your love.

Steve B 09/13