What you would ask, you know I’d give.

What you wanted, you know I’d do anything to provide,

to try, to learn, to better myself, to be who I might have been.


What you offered, I’d take.

What you gave, I accepted with gratitude,

to see what was, to compromise over, to create more than the sum.


What ‘we’ had, was immense.

What I felt, I dreamed was eternal,

to be a part of some that lived forever, to exist in a shared world of love.


What you destroyed, I mourn.

What you chose, I can’t truly understand,

to think you said you loved me, to know it was not worth your time.


What you are, I miss.

What I know, I think and wonder,

to offer in my mind infinite possibilities, to care about something beyond my control.

Steve B 08/13