A final chapter never begins, as long as possibilities we hope for exist.
We illuminate the unwritten words with the light of our life,
those earlier words lit up by the life of those taking the time to read.
Nothing exists but the moment, memories are sometimes so painful they intrude,
yet are we trying to rationalise what was, or convince ourselves our choices were right?
Well, at least in our own best interests, anyone who might want to question that
aren’t part of the light anymore.
Things that are of the moment leave us thirsty, not a craving, but not entirely satisfied either.
In a world of silver, where everything around is in our thoughts, we catch sight of
what we think we need.
Buttons pushed, keys pressed, contact initiated, depression abated, albeit fleetingly.
Contradictions, denial, self-doubt, mistrust, paranoia…. Check over your shoulder,
manage your sight-lines, watch your exits.
Make your deals, weigh up the morality, argue the ethical dilemmas.
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To continue to write, is a blessing.
To continue to be read, creates hope.
There is no closure until the book ends.

Steve B 07/13