I try to keep my mind open,

my heart, soul and being too..

My needs are somewhat small and insignificant,

transient, of the moment, that fraction of a second that holds infinite meaning.

You won’t answer me anymore, yet I won’t stop calling out….

Hoping for something. a fraction of what we had.

Don’t leave me, don’t walk away.

Not without some rationale, some reason……. Some sense of things being closed.

That loop, that complicated set of dominoes laid out before me………

Let them all fall, don’t be the one that arcs away….. Leaving the rest standing.

I can’t, I won’t accept an empty promise. I need them all to touch, and embrace…. One after another, to the end.

I don’t need to communicate, as a reason to ‘be’ in contact…

Just some understanding, where I’ve failed.

What I’ve done wrong, so I can learn and move on.

To let go of this love, this desire, this unfulfilled… Unrequited belief in something I can’t make happen alone.

You don’t want me, fair enough…… Just make it clear what I have that isn’t enough.

Spell it out, allow me some elucidation, some means of thinking…….. ‘that makes sense’

I lament, I hurt, I clench my fists and want to strike out and the world that is so unjust.

To let you know what it is, in you, that I love so much…… But can’t, somehow, attain.

You are beyond my grasp, a woman I never had a chance of being with.

Borne into that upper class of people who I’d aspire to be, but I know I could never fit in with.

I will walk away, but………. Remember……. No one will love you as much as i have, and still do….

I am here, if you ever want me, ever need me……..

Reach out, and I’ll Be There.

Steve B 04/13