That we exist on a fragile razor’s edge.

We ourselves teeter without noticing, yet we never seem to fall.

In others that which we fear manifests,

never seeing that errant footstep, only the result of the fall.


That need for answers, a craving that will never be satisfied.

Wondering about what if’s, imagining what could be, remembering what was.

Time slows down, tears fall as the walls around you echo to howls and cries.

Letting everything about yourself fall away, becoming naked to the world.


Can things become what they once were, or are we just so averse to change?

Severity of potential effect, conflicts of idea, feelings of disempowerment, avoiding pain….

Each a reason alone, yet none seem to come as a single foe.

All or nothing? The strongest mental defences can’t protect an open heart.


To believe a future still has much to give, whether faced alone or together.

When time gets back to normal, your world will too. Senses reset.

Coming back out into Sunshine, yet knowing others may still favour the dark

Hoping something powerful may still come from possibilities extinguished.

You can’t prepare for the unexpected.

Steve B 03/13