Each new day brings a calling, whether real or hallucinatory

they are Siren-like, bringing me either hope or despair.

My insides burn with failure one moment, then elation the next

as little positives build up to something tangible, meaningful, even desirable.

Until sleep brings me back, Sun rising in a sky, flanking buildings of concrete and glass,

reminding me I am probably in the wrong place, at the wrong time….

Maybe the wrong person too.

Self pity claimed many a poor soul, something I begin to understandĀ in this second month of a year which

promises to be no different than any other.

To play the cards as they are dealt, to learn from things I see and hear….. People I meet, people I lose….

Perhaps to meet someone I can love.

Who can love me….

Who really knows?

I just want to feel as new, and as renewed, as the day is….

But no one answers my call.

Steve B 02/13