I thought we were true friends, the kind that fights for one another no matter the cost.

Not inseparable, by any means…. Just two people a moment away from being there,

being what the other needed, even if it wasn’t easy a request to fulfil.

Yet that belief is, as time passes, eroded by action…. Or inaction, in each flash of light.


I thought we were bonded in fire, the kind that shows one another we can take the pain.

Not burnt, by the experiences…. Just understanding we are different people never meant to be more,

meant to walk a parallel line, even if that meant small personal sacrifices.

Yet that philosophy is, when all is said and done, destroyed by emotion… Or logic, in each frozen moment.


I thought we were more than the sum, a kind of algorithm that never made conventional sense.

Not calculated, by normal means…… Just an answer which we understood and accepted,

understood that it was never a solution, even if for a brief time you loved me.

Yet that memory abides, amongst others, shattered by distance…. Or fate, in each punishing blow.


I thought we were always going to communicate, a stream of thought which flowed between you and I.

Not forced, by any sense of obligation…. Just a natural exchange that kept a similar wavelength,

similar as in we expanded our mental horizons, even if now you don’t need that of me anymore.

Yet that enlightenment is, as much as I hope and believe, something I’ll never find again…… Or even if I do, won’t be the same.


Steve B 01/13