I am shattered, a seemingly infinite number of shards.

All shapes and sizes, different levels of complexity constructed of the same matter.

Like my creator placed a kill switch in my deepest recess,

the button pressed,

culminating in an explosion which ripped apart the very essence of who I am.

To look at me is to wonder what might have been, how insane a creature.

Collections of jagged points and sides, too sharp to touch with delicate fingers.

Too fragile to manhandle into a reasonable form.

No longer coherent, will there ever be a complete shadow following me as I walk towards the Sun?

Or will I now just yearn for rest as beams of Moonlight coalesce on my remains?

Either way, I contemplate what could stand as a fitting monument….

Perhaps a mosaic made from those pieces of my prior being?

Gloved hands placing me together in a form which pleases a majority perspective,

discarding bits which would prevent ill-fitting stares.

Or to simply wait for the waters to rise, round off my edges,

for those delicate fingers to safely touch me again.

Shaping me into someone who can be loved, whilst retaining my whole.

Steve B 10/12