Reality is governed by perception.

Perception is governed by who we are.

You can’t change.

Nor can you change someone else.

What you can do is play to perceptions, and hope others don’t realise.

And believe that someone else isn’t doing the same.

But what happens if someone else is simply being who they are?

And believes that you are doing the same?

It’s a quandry, to look back in anger, with hindsight as a tool.

To sit with a notepad, two pens and a highlighter.

Poring through the transcripts of the mind, perusing those memories, trying to be objective.

Analysing things as they happened, as you remember them.

Notes being jotted down, taking the important elements for later examination,

to identify things.

Words, or lack of, as happened as time went on.

Laughter, or the onrush of tears.

Feelings which supposedly carried some weight, and are now just floating further away.

Somehow it now just feels all wrong, but there is still so much feeling.

Just the notes and highlights suggesting it was always a one way street.

Perhaps you can change a reality….


But only the past and the perception of it. And that changes the perception someone has of who you are, in the present.

Steve B 09/12