We are Doors.

Sitting on hinges, built by Man to serve a purpose.

We wait.

Of an infinite hue our outward appearance dictates reaction

We pretend to care.

Yet spend time suggesting an attitude that belies out actual self.

We hope.

So the moments of majesty come to us, while we laugh together to a compromise that intertwines.

We connect.

That solitary sense of being swept away on a seemingly neverending cheer of optimism.

We realise.

When alone and reflective, that we aren’t quite as honest about who we actually are.

We try.

But fail, as the effort to accept means we have to change beyond what is easy.

We alter.

To convince ourselves it’s not our fault, but that of who we don’t want anymore.

We justify.

To explain, but as much as we want to believe, it only makes sense from a skewed angle

We retort.

Finally resorting to methods we know will hurt the most, to force away that we know loves unconditionallly.

We believe.

Once the need to ‘be’ has passed, the sensibilities we professed to uphold are so very long gone.

We smile.

So fake, as was any semblance of actual desire…. Or was it? Perhaps, but only on the strictest of terms.

We re-write the past.

To the winner, the spoils. The explanation offered to others about what happened.

We re-write whole of who we are.

Like a video cassette, what was watched and loved is erased and replaced by societal conformity.

We watch.

As the fields that were planted together become unwanted crops that die in the Autumnal heat.

We breathe.

Easy in the cool evening, knowing that what we did had to be ‘right’.

We forget.

Dissmissing the need that someone filled, as the moment passed, bringing an end to something.

We weep.

Alone. No-one to care, no-one to reassure, no-one to wonder why.

We learn.

That someone can truly believe in their self, and who they are.

We understand,

however, that when a true decision is needed. We can only end up dead inside, a fleeting quandry…..

Bound by the Laws set down around us.

Who will tell you what is legal or illegal tomorrow?

And when will you stand up……..? Shout out that you don’t care what others think about your own choices..


Not today, not tomorrow…… Not to me……..

Steve B 09/12