Have you ever tried to follow the wind?

Not in the classical sense of direction, but to really balance its nuances?

Calmness, to sooth the soul, the mind, the heart, the belief……

A placid plain of time, stretching out beyond what we can imagine.

Flat, featureless…. a horizon which you can set your watch by.

Yet wise and unemotional, almost insipid with its unspontaneity……

Then there’s the tempest, the vortex, the hurricane………

Unbalanced, unpredictable….. yet exciting.

Stirring passions deep within.. Base, carnal, aggressive.

Taking what we want, ripping off the roof and grabbing all within.

No intellect, thought or consequence….. Just the moment.

The instinct.


You and I. Together we balance.

Feeding off the vibrations. Bouncing ideas, creating sparks….

Thunder, lightning…. The very essence of primal energy.

Static electricity……

Everything a tumult of of nature……

I love you so much.

And a violent sea settles, waves no longer crashing against an unprepared shore….

We embrace, two becoming one….

Only the wind to accompany our togetherness.

Climbing down, step by step……

Where we were, to where we are.

Where we are to where we want to be,

striving to become more, as a collective,

than we could ever be as individuals….

We walk, hand in hand…. listening to a subtle sigh through the trees.

Gazing up at the clouds, slipping across the sky.

Hoping for that gentle Wind to bring the fury of nature down upon us once again

Steve B 11/11