Even with the saddest face, you still look more beautiful than I can describe with words.

As tears flow over your cheeks, I still see your inner child and yearn for my love to be reciprocated.

With time passing ever faster with each day, my heart beats with a constancy.

Like weary soldiers we press on, never fighting alongside one another.

How is it that we fit so well, and never joined together?

Symmetry that would astound the most fervent geometrist, consigned to a few appendices.

Needing an understanding that doesn’t exist, merely glanced over by those who can’t comprehend.

Waiting for that little spark, never being close enough for it to happen.

Bowing from the pressure of life itself, empowering who we are.

Through simple communication, across vastness and etherealisation.

Desperate to know all we can know, yet unable to ask for fear of rejection.

Biting our lips, never at peace in those moments we share.

Voices that cry out to be heard, screaming with force that reverberates through souls.

And yet in harmony, cascading as colour and light.

It makes no sense to dream of more anymore, however appealing to one and frightening to another.

Like waves that need to reach the shore, never understanding why they must fade within its’ sight.

Steve B 11/11