I sit with a cold heart, reminiscing over memories that tear apart

what could have been.

Such wondrous things that had to be seen

to be believed,

and yet were so innocuously in the moment.

From the moment we met, lesser people would just forget

conversations under a moonlit sky. Or that day you and I

just made love again because we could, and wanted to.

How it sends a shiver through me, as the thoughts break free

from long ago places.

What would just be faces along the path, fading in light from the hearth,

as you smile in my mind then begin to laugh….

Before closing my door, it returns to how it was before

I sat down.

To remain would only make me drown

for what was, those multitudes of minor memories because,

in the end they will always remain….

The greatest of times, of pleasure and pain.

Steve B 10/11