As fast as we can, we tie the threads of our life into the threads of others

not realising soon enough that time pursues with its habit of unravelling them unseen.

Our thoughts and focus fixate on the weave we feel will create the strongest ropes,

yet like all things the strength is only worthwhile when it is tested.

One string snaps, unnoticed….. Merely a trivial happenstance,

normally rethreaded with a quick call or text message before forgotten.

Only this time there wasn’t the time, or a phone without credit… something which meant those

loose ends couldn’t be spliced together again.

With complacency comes a belief, no need to try and repair as this intermixing of disparate

motion has always complimented one another.

Still, threads loosen… The separation slipping into the foreground.

Watching as the tight-knitted bonds snap apart, reaching out snake-like to the tendril threads of someone else.

Now there are holes in the tapestry of your life.

People who’ve seen it remember the imagery, can fill in the gaps where important moments were,

can pour you a drink and reminisce about those ‘old times’.

You remember them too, and yet no matter how hard you try……

Explaining those moments, the signifance.. the emotions, the love, the loss, the smiles and the tears…

Is impossible.

All that they can see are the roughly cut patches to stop them seeing the wall.

Steve B 03/11