I watched as the fire was lit.

Standing no more than half its height away, I’d got there early

wanting more than just the view over a dozen or more shoulders.

Creeping away, the intial radius of flame began from a single lick of fire.

Increasing in speed, until the moment was such that I couldn’t remember what it looked like

before it was ablaze. Taking only seconds to encompass the stacked up fuel,

or so it seemed, it must have been a short while….. At least.

Light and heat began to emanate, again it seemed in an instant. Memories of sticks and

marshmallows, red gloves on my hands and my brothers faces aglow.

For an instant the hubbub disintegrated, like the whole throng was existing in similar thoughts,

where words were less important than the sounds that brought  it all back to them.

Crackling of wood,  slow whoosh of convection and the omnipresent wind creating random sparks,

eddies in flames, fanning the extremities, whilst the centre slowly began to collapse in upon itself.

Tomorrow all that will remain is a large circle of scorched earth, and the memories of thousands….

Young and old, captivated and enthralled. Thrilled and frightened…. Awakening with a smile.

Steve B 11/10