It’s physical, you just feel….. Notice and begin to remember what the days ahead will hold.

Days start mistier, everything seems to slow down a fraction, before warmer socks

and a thicker coat bring back a sense of mother nature’s bark being worse than her bite.

Mornings where the Sun still shines, but its affect is muted, fighting a losing battle

against the offset tilt our planet spins upon.

Then the afternoons start to draw in, bathing as we must in the orange, sodium glow

whilst we walk or drive, the darkness closing around the man-made light.

Natural colours fade from vibrant to dull, greens to brown, blues to grey, white to black.

It’s as if the world is shutting down, conserving the energies collected through the good months,

just starting a countryside hibernation.

A hibernation we no longer follow, driven by our creations to work and play through this Season

and the next, we see a change in everything around us. But what we do remains the same.

But no one likes getting up when it’s dark outside…..

Steve B 11/10