A simple misunderstanding, words expressed but taken out of context.

No warning, no explanation, no desire to meet halfway,

just a keen, sharp ending. Razorlike in it’s ability cut deeply.

I wanted to say, needed to show, had to try in my own way……. as it is within this virtual prison,

confined and bound by invisible assumptions, unnatural method, akin to nothing that makes sense in reality.

And I tried, not once, twice or tenfold……… But how I tried, to offer an insight into someone so deep,

so fragile,

so alone……….

But for nought, for scraps of pity which serve to most as their means to show understanding.

No depth of purpose,  just ‘whatever….’, just that ofference of you being ‘boring’,

because you don’t fulfil their expectations……. Expections which aren’t expressed, nor implied…..

Just existing, merely there for those who flicker into their unknown parameters.

A set of criteria you either know, or you don’t…… and if you don’t, you’re doomed.

Alone, to walk between pillars which support their majority rule, the effortless whim of a world where righteousness,

virtue, honesty and trust are spat upon and vilified……..

But, we keep on trying, keep on defending ourselves, because we know we aren’t alone in our search.

They are out there, waiting. Keep the faith, and we shall overcome

Steve B 10/10