It defied reason,
made no sense,
images in the mind,
but nothing in reality.
Of course moments of clarity existed,
but only served to create more fog.
Obscuring the truth,
hiding any sense of what was real.
So…… what’s the fulcrum of this mental inebriation, you ask?
Is it a person?
A situation?
A word spoken?
A choice made?
It’s all the above, and so much more.
You try to learn,
and above all……..
show you can.
But it’s so hard, so very difficult……
To highlight all that is good,
whilst playing down all that is ‘bad’.
Some people can work with you,
can teach while you teach them.
Appreciate the winding border that exists……
That twisting line between towns and cities,
some close and sharing many similarities….
Yet under different laws and perhaps even language.
Some distant, but willing to put aside differences for a common goal.
Such is life, and romance……
Heart and soul,
people and places…….
Moments together, but forgotten through famililiarity,
moments apart, but remembered for eternity.
Who’s to say which is right, which is wrong?
What matters, what should be dismissed as trivial?
It’s simply about being willing to teach,
even if that means being selfless,
knowing that the flow of wisdom is more one way than another.
Because, in the end, feelings mean more than just a sense of belonging, or belief……..
Feelings show us what’s in our heart,
Perhaps i am naive, a romantic……. Maybe even a fool.
And yet I strive to enter into the heart, and hope the rest will follow.
I stand to gain so much more than I might lose,
even if each turn of the page takes away a little piece more
and the tome has barely revealed itself to me……..
Steve B 02/10