What do you know, as you think about what was?
As you read vague, nondescript, generalistic whinings of star-crossed happenstance?
What do you care, as you wander embittered because life cast a stone too large?
As you feel ripples, waves, tumultuous onslaughts of cultivated seedlings?
What do you feel, as you push and push and push way a courageousness of desire to get close?
As you erect barriers, defences, solidified, tortuous, sheer byzantium cliffs so few dare to climb?
What do you want, as you put on a smile about what is?
As you twist, contort in an anguish no one else understands simply through your subconscious belief they can’t understand?
But he wants to. You know he does.
You know he might not be able to help. But you know he’d try.
Yet it’s fear which makes it too much, an argument against yourself want to win….. But never will.
Because despite all his strength, his will, and power….
His tears will take longer to reach the Earth, but the soil will gladly accept too many before a single drop of your own.
Steve B 08/09