I followed row after row of symmetrical clouds,
tumbling over and below decisions into nothing.
Wearing only that face which felt like it supposed,
a distance unknown for a love/hate embrace.
I lay down beside to listen in between words,
forgetting all else when now looking back.
So soft yet unyielding more sensuous principles,
two dark pools of mystery where someone is real.
I carried those dreams where deserts meet sea,
along then between sundried driftwood markers.
Pointing to nowhere such talent exists,
by Moonlight a reflection elongates through time.
I pursued truth as she jokingly strode beyond knowledge,
into places new to eyes only wanting uncurved familiarity.
Not fearing when neurons dulled to a burnished rust transmit,
rolled up papers ready to be shredded or burnt.
I wanted to find the right idea that echoes across a tragic stage,
before settling in what remains down behind steel shuttered windows.
In each of us there exists a universal counterpoint forever opposed,
refracting our sins whilst justifying reasons to simply follow clouds.
Steve B 03/09