For those who seek, and shall never find, I offer a few solemn words.
Closing doors, not through choice, but the will of others,
we stand alone now, but should be brothers.
Joined in a common purpose, the souls without cause
or direction. Floating aimlessly, contacting across spaces once occupied
by dreams.
Hopes past care, hidden in the shadows, Moonlit breath rising before us
with each step. Caressing the darkness as if it were brightest morn,
eyes alert for something, anything to grasp onto.
Those who understand this will empathise, understand the sense of emptiness
that wells up as memories run faster than we can. Our screams unheard,
pommels resting gently in the hand, the only real decision.
Take heart in knowing aloneness is not a solitary condition.
Steve B 01/09