Why is my love not enough, why must I back away?
As time takes us forward, the end of another day?
Why is giving not enough, why must i offer more?
A heart splits itself open, I’m broken to the core.
Why can’t we be what you want, why must I alter myself?
As moments pass into background, backdated on a shelf.
Why do you seek when you know, why is my whole just a piece?
When you look and not find, am I seen as just a thief?
Why can’t I give, just for you to accept and take?
Such sacrifice is empty, if concerns you can’t forsake.
Why do I need you, if need’s not in your soul?
Wasted and forgotten, one piece of your empty whole.
Why do I love you, as you said you loved me?
Empty words softly spoken, when you knew ‘we’ couldn’t be.
Why do I sit and wonder, of a future far from real?
Because my heart believed you, when you said you’d help it heal.
Steve B 01/09