There is balance in all things,
all things natural anyway.
We call them ‘cycles’,
energies transferred from on form into another
then back again.
The finite conservation which exists within the universe.
This balance is upset and confused by the actions of man,
the choices we make,
thus the infinite parallel universes that exist philosophically.
Threads which intertwine, the consciousness that interprets meaning.
Every action played out on a stage somewhere, somehow given a form
that allows action to become reaction, to become action and so forth.
This question plagues those who see beyond a black and white existence.
What if? Perhaps this? Maybe that? Because of? Instead of?
Who knows?
That is, and they are, ideas of people who philosophise.
Who ponder their choices with reverance and fear,
trying to play out moves on a chessboard of possibilities.
Wondering if their position in life would be stronger given
a chance to revisit a specific move, a specific choice.
But "’tis made" they cry, "’tis past" they sigh.
Devouring time, meaning and desire,
preaching to those whose choices have yet to be made.
Experience drawn upon, yet experience as a folly
that laughs in their face.
So it then begs the question……
No, it demands the question,
why are the choices in the same circumstance repeated?
As laughter, echoing with fate looking down from above.
Loki, wide and mischievously grinning saying ‘I told you so’.
History repeats.
So, the philosopher asks, how do we learn?
If in the end we walk a predestined path,
who or what is to say we did right or wrong?
Who can judge us, for what we do?
The answer is simple, we see the stronger position we might have been in.
If thre is no place to exist that offers a more calculable positive…..
It was right, we did what should have been done.
Today, yesterday, last week, whenever……..
If not, then we must strive to be at a place as fortuitous as we can make it,
the next time we are asked what we can, or must, do.
But who knows when a piece on the board actually moves,
who has that ephemeral view?
We all do, but only retrospectively.
That is the failure of man.
The downfall of existence.
To know, but after changes made, decisions chosen.
Only then it is necessary to acknowledge understanding,
when we can teach, nurture, discipline.
When it is too late for you and I,
but not too late for those who we create.
Steve B 11/08