It was grey.
Not just a single shade, but many.
But all grey.
Like every form of dark and light combined,
both good and bad.
Positive and negative furies, yin, yang,
karmic forces encapsulated in an inpenetrable haze.
Over time they had begun to filter themselves out,
dissipating into their constituent parts.
Leaving a focussed world in the midst of it all.
Colours, vibrant, hallowed, the entire spectrum playing happily across the middle.
Possibly musical, perhaps ethereal, definitely caused by a life regaining meaning.
Black and white skipped in between, offering highlights to the darkness
and boundaries to those parts seemingly too bright to wholly perceive.
Wondrous, yet frightening.
Time is a fickle constant though,
not willing to easily betray the space and gravity which gives it power.
A balance is needed, a tradeoff intrinsically linked like a cord which has to tug us back.
And so the focus is fleeting, because time affects us all.
Patterns of shape and form which can’t be controlled,
only lived with and accepted.
The problem is that we focus the lives of others, as they focus our own.
Banishing the grey, as we share hopes, dreams and perhaps a future.
But it doesn’t take much for others to have their greyish hues start to cloud over this vibrance,
the focus lost, time pulling them back, affecting those who have finally got some colours back of their own.
So we are just fighting now to hold onto what is left,
If you think you are beaten, you have already lost.
Steve B 11/08