It was a gentle reminder, a reminder of something I had realised a very long time ago.
Not a forceful reconditioning, a sharp jolt to the synapses in order to bring
what was once an indelible part of the psyche back into focus.
No, it was simply subtle. Wafting gently on a breeze from a forgotten place
back to where it can do the most good.
She restored my understanding, replenished a positive outlook driven away
by others of cruel disposition, selfishness and empty words they probably use in continuance of their trade.
A very obvious outlook it is too, but one most refuse to see, or accept.
Such a basic concept.
That beauty goes far beyond what we see, feel or think.
This is a view words cannot on a screen can never truly express, but I try anyway,
if only to perhaps change the mind of one person who is unsure or needs a reminder themselves.
A wiser man than me said that only the hand of man can make ugly things,
that everything in nature is beautiful.
As human beings we are by definition the creations of nature, and we are all therefore beautiful.
It is man who has decided on a visual scale of what constitutes beauty, what we should aspire to, how we should judge
others and consequently how we must judge ourselves.
She has reminded me that we don’t.
Beyond what we see, feel or think….. That what matters is beauty just is..
Physically altering with time, yet creating thoughts and feelings which transcend such linear motion.
Beauty she is. Beauty I am. Beauty we are.
Every single one of us.
Just thought I’d gently remind you all.
Steve B 10/08