Feeling blessed, reeling from the knowledge that these truly are happy times.
Even when alone, moments to think, seconds to empower as the countdown continues.
Until two are one again, in everything we do, everything say, every time we touch.
For she is with me, as I am there with her. Loneliness banished to the dark place
my memory is so desperate to forget, but although I never will, the reminder of what
was is enough to fuel my deep appreciation, my understanding.
My will to see what must be done, my need to do all those ‘little things’.
Yes, that is the magic of a love which binds the mind, soul and heart,
which drives two people into each others arms, each others lives.
Creating a symmetry, and is the most perfect example of how this relationship
is ‘greater than the sum of its parts’.
A phrase so often handed round to cite something trivial or banal,
I can step back and view the whole, as she can too, coming out of the shadows together
into the brightness which highlights this shared world, shared experience, shared everything.
So, here at the beginning, always learning, always loving, always feeling how right
each and every moment is.
Together, or apart.
Never alone.
Never lonely, not anymore.
Feeling blessed, by her love.
Steve B 10/08