Existing in that place between two points,
moving through the void that seperates them.
One moment seemingly like the others, yet always somewhat different.
It is a journey, from one to the other, loving the scenery that
broadens the senses, invigorates the mind and reminds us of what really matters.
This becomes the point, the meaning, the ideal of potential aspiration.
Yet we realise, too late sometimes, that it is up to us to fill the emptiness
as we travel.
We have to want to learn and grow, to absorb the limitless wisdom, passions and love
within our grasp, but also what we can stretch out for if we see something.
A Heart which physically pumps the blood to maintain its spiritual position as the
centre of the body, as the house of our soul.
A mind which autonomically tells the heart to pump that blood to remain the rational
head of the body, as the temple of our thoughts and dreams.
A journey which is necessary to keep them both connected, as one……
Love those special moments.
Free the soul,
Live your dreams.
Revel in The Journey.
Fill the void with life’s lessons.
Steve B 10/08