She comes into his arms, which could never hold her tighter.
Her head upon his body, which is heavy but feels lighter.
A darkened room her presence makes a little brighter.
He’ll stand between the fears and harm, her lover and her fighter.
She brings him warmth and sunshine, when there’s cold and rain.
His heart soothed with words of passions quenched, she will be back again.
No place untouched, a melodic refrain.
He’ll never leave her bound or broken, his shelter from her pain.
Close together, though miles apart.
Something unique, powerful, magical, special that, from the start.
Eluded them both in the past, like perspectives in art.
Yet seen from other angles, shows it flows from the heart.
So how can you express, such emotional things.
The passions which bind us, and the feelings it brings.
Like hearing the sounds, and words as she sings.
As they dream of the future….
Roundabouts and swings.
Steve B 10/08