Every cloud that forms within even the bluest sky
must offer at least one raindrop.
A single ray of Sunshine piercing the inkiest blackness
must highlight at least one person.
The emptiest heart scorned a hundred thousand times
must find a kindred spirit.
And penitance for our most heinous sins
must elicit some reward for that understanding.
These were words carved into a granite boulder,
the sturdiest of stones.
Almost everlasting, unweathered, unfazed by nature’s cruelest attacks
over countless seasons.
Hot, cold, wet or dry. Winds followed by the intense radiation from the heavens.
Wisdom remained etched for eternity.
Yet cosmically a mere second since their conception, effort, satisfaction.
He read them, if only to challenge those who had said he wouldn’t grasp their meaning,
but he knew, not instantly, but over a short period of time.
A reference to the self sacrifice that is demanded from life.
Categorical, irrefutable, calculable. Simply stating how he felt.
His love was the reward, his sins a past of dwelling on regret.
Letting go wasn’t easy, the penitance of realising the safety that exists in what had hurt him.
A kindred spirit, a soulmate.
Now he must understand and appreciate she IS deserved. One day he will look over at her…
Humbled, his love requited, his mind fulfilled, his soul understanding.
His happiness.. Her happiness.. Their Happiness..
Steve B 09/08