There when I need a friend,
as well as so very much more.
Close when I need comforting,
as well as intimate sensation.
Understanding when I don’t make sense,
as well as those words of wisdom.
Strong when I at my lowest ebb,
as well as moments of purposeful clarity.
Hidden within my very soul is a place where few have been.
Warm, with flowing thought and feeling
it remains my own inner sanctuary,
where my dreams come true,
where my love is offered at the time this insular residence
contains the presence of another.
She’s with me, but not here. Not right now.
Her essence forever associated with happy memories,
with her promise that creates possibilities of more,
a bright , glowing aura which
stretches out past the horizon of my dreams.
And I have had some incredible dreams……
Proof if ever there was any needed,
that they can come true.
In love, personified.
Steve B 09/08