A hand, soft, delicate, yet strong and clear of purpose
reached out across a dark lonely void.
Not knowing what each finger was stretching for,
yet understanding the slightest nuance which dictated that forward thinking movement.
Then, without warning or alarm fingers approached fingers,
hand grasped another, but this one was more rough, more ready for action,
a tool for labour, wrapped up in her musical, almost whimsical digits.
Bodies followed, his gruff and full of wisdom,
hers fragile, not long out of stability, routine,
warm mornings, extended evenings, nights of desires whose windows had shutters
she hadn’t pulled over in defence.
Intertwined, closeness, intense passions…..
And yet, without a real clarified understanding, it was right,
it was feeling,
it was happiness,
it was……..
Simple, yet complex.
Rapture, yet the harmonies were unclear,
with passing time they began to come together.
Like their hearts, their souls, their very essence.
Across the void, others heard the singing selves, two into one.
Complimenting the similarities, compromising the differences,
until the highs and lows simply were beyond the description of words.
Thus bringing to an end this subtle attempt to convey their feelings,
their love……….
For those who have felt it, description won’t ever do justice,
but not to try just makes it meaningless.
So I try, and of course I fail…….
Perhaps I might try again,
tomorrow, or the next day,
and it could be better than what is in your mind right now.
Or not…….
It doesn’t matter, the sensations are real, but unreal.
Touch is physical, but ethereal,
emotions are heartfelt, end eternal.
Love abides my very being, and nothing I say or write will ever convey that less is more  to those who can’t understand.
Steve B 09/08