Testing times, testing times,
up and downs, passionate crimes.
Lives apart, then intertwined,
meanings hidden, to those who were blind.
Changing winds, changing winds,
promises made, exprience rescinds.
Letters written, placed in bins,
nobody loses, everyone wins.
Eyes ahead, eyes ahead,
nothing behind, left for dead.
A ring to wear, two souls wed,
love prevails, the fortune said.
Flowing tears, flowing tears,
security blanket, hiding fears.
Above the parapet, a future leers,
but hold your glass, accept the cheers.
A second in you, a second in you,
satidfaction forgotten, but if on cue.
An open box, contents on view,
memories eternal, but just a few.
Things existed, things existed,
happier times, love persisted.
Clearer now, yet the hilt is twisted,
hardships faced, fiercely resisted.
Promises fleeting, promises fleeting,
barely months, since the initial meeting.
Arms wide open, a ‘forever’ greeting,
virtual reassurance, a circle completing…
Steve B 09/08