His fingers seemed to click together,
two faces span in the Sunlight.
A slight splash,
and he leant over the edge, to see which was showing
as the coin slowly slipped down into the darkness.
It was too late, of course.
For even the water was obscured by the high sides,
the sullen brickwork,
just a sound to denote a broken meniscus at the well’s watery bosom.
Sitting on the wall, he realised his existence mirrored what had just happened.
A man with two faces, two trapped states of mind.
One single entity, himself.
Yet which side was showing was a quirk of time, fate and possibly who you were.
Those close, inside, within the circle of clouds that others couldn’t peer through,
saw a proud yet broken man.
A wise being beyond the phyical, a creature of almost (im)pure thought.
driven by desires uncontrollable, needs unquenched, destiny unbridled,
but just as trapped. A singular perspective, like the face on a coin.
But also exhibiting a confidence, a presence undeniable,
emboldened and courageous, to those whose heads were clouded.
A vision created? As a means to hide? The reason he seemed at odds with the natural universe?
They didn’t know, or cared, or even thought to question,
it was simply the coin once again.
What they wanted to see, believe, experience……
So, how close are you?
What do you see?
Or, perhaps, what do you want to see?
Or hear? As the weight breaks through the surface tension,
as the speed, potential.. the centripetal force punches the water into pieces.
Spinning, smiling and shining before the blackness…
Sound, then silence.
One man to some, another man to everyone else.
Two faces, an infinite percussion.
One person, falling to the bottom.
Which side of the coin will be seen, one day,
when all that is here and now is long gone?
He pondered as such when he walked away,
knowing that all around would be as dust before the memory dissolved in the water.
Steve B 08/08