Words as music,
music as art,
art as thought,
and thought into words.
Capturing the essence of whatever is on the tip of the mind,
before delving deeper, so much deeper we interpret it differently.
What one sees, hears or reads… So different from someone else,
and perhaps not what was meant with the stroke of a pen, brush or a strum over tightened strings.
So subjective, nuances begat nuances, light, sound, meaning.
A plectrum cast, a finger in paint, a hidden pause,
so beguiling to those who want to appreciate, the tip of their mind.
We all want to express, to portray, to objectify.
In our own way, our own unique slant on what is probably a routine existence,
but a fantastical imagination. The mind.
The need to pool who were are into something, something which cries out……
"This is me, look, listen or read.. But feel the being behind what your senses perceive….."
Words, pictures, or sounds….
Can we impart our wisdom while we live?
Or will my own existence only be influential in the years after I pass on……………?
Steve B 08/08