It’s not a question of be being one with nothingness,
nor is it a careful, deliberate, decided mistake.
Perhaps it shouldn’t be a refrain, taken as truth
with a pinch of salt as a metaphorical caveat.
It isn’t the hand of fate, stroking the ego when things are good,
or twisting the knife when the air is still, the night is cold,
deep inside the empty spaces spoken of in soft whispers.
It is a question of balance, of barriers, of self betrayal,
of knowledge, wisdom, circumstance and choice.
Nothingness is where we get to when there are no choices left,
barriers we build to protect only serve to keep the helping hands away.
Balance is maintained because both sets of scales are weightless,
positives/negatives become meaningless, yet the foundations of an existence.
They say it is darkest just before dawn…
if that is the case I’ve been waiting for the Sun to peer
over a horizon I cannot see for years…
Falling asleep, waking to the same infinite blackness every single time.
Steve B 07/08