Am I one man, or two, three, or four?
Perhaps I am a collection of everyone I’ve known,
all the books I’ve read, music I’ve heard,
everything I’ve ever seen.
Am I part human, animal, beast or creature?
Showing each facet when they surface,
losing control, basic primaeval instinct,
with a layer of intellect covered or exposed.
Am I here, or there, away, or appearing to be?
Maintaining a fractured identity within cultured boundaries,
illuminating those dark corners,
making choices when to be heard or when to be silent.
Am I a picture, a person, dream, or memory?
A positive influence on others who let themselves get close,
breaking down barriers, learning to love and be loved,
holding onto to the one true experience.
I am who I was,
who is,
but not who might have been…
Steve B 07/08