Here, at the end of a sullen path, travelled along alone
with intense cravings of need and loneliness,
a frightened child sits.
Knees curled up into his chest, head bowed and arms
wrapped around so tightly nothing more can escape.
Slowly rocking back and forth in time with a passing reciprocal breeze,
hiding pain by attempting to block senses
that have nurtured overwhelming faceless fears.
So true were quiet words spoken to him
more years ago than any realisation or rememberance,
that ‘defeat comes from within’…… ‘we can only lose to ourselves’.
Now sensing lifetimes slipping away, those closest long gone
for reasons understood or reasons inexplicable,
a closed insular future holds no blessing.
The heart usually leads the mind, it gathers an inner strength
which forces our logical side to make those difficult decisions,
to stay or to walk?
For his mind realised the inevitable, defeating self belief
whilst a relentless heart pumped round feelings that offered false hopes,
leaving nothing but a memory to curl up within, and hide.
Steve B 07/08