He lowered himself down onto the grass, sitting up on his hands
with the slope allowing a reclination and a view unencumbered.
The valley spread out below him, a vista he gazed upon every day
with a focus on the village near the base of the adjacent slope.
Picturesque in a way words couldn’t do real justice to, if felt like something
from another time. Which to him was the point, he could only watch from afar.
Tme trickling past like the river wending its way through this gash in the hills,
a rememberance of what great torrents ground the rock away over aeons
leaving behind just this slow but steady flow.
He had visited this village in the past, revelled in the quiet days,
the fun filled evenings and the borderline hedonistic nights.
Like a home away from home, yet feeling it was the place he’d choose to live.
Yet he was never asked.
Over time the village cast such a spell that his time away from her only reinforced his desire
to be there, to help it grow and develop within its hedgrowed, brick laned borders.
To repair the more rickety buildings, while directing the erection of proud new facilities
that deserved a place for the growing confidence.
With that end in mind, foundations were poured, blueprints pored over,
filling him with such joy.
So the announcement of his removal from these projects was perplexing,
it felt like his ambitions, his desire to expand the village’s perceptions were crumbling.
As many of the buildings he saved upon his arrival would have,
perhaps never to echo along to songs sung with renewed pride and passion.
So now, he simply sat. Sandwich in one hand, cup of tea in the other.
Watching as others continued the work he began,
seeing the letters arriving with news,
lorries laden with the raw materials unload,
people celebrating how in such a short space of time so much positive energy
has created and renewed.
As the Sun began to set he whispered a silent message,
just expressing his need to know the village was safe, content and the people living there
shared those sentiments.
Clambering up the incline the wetness underfoot recalled his tears as he was leaving so long ago,
just as the fading light of that quiet evening foreshadowed his diminishing hope.
Steve B 06/08