A person is a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces are shaped with time.
There is no image on the box.
Get close enough and you might be able to place the corners,
work around the edges,
but can you define the jumble that makes up the whole?
Experiences changes the shapes, the individual.
Moves the background to the front, the superfluous becomes the focus.
Understand enough and you might be able to predict the phases,
anticipate the problems,
but can you roll with the punches of what you know, and what you don’t?
Desire, need and want create the opportunities for a complete solution.
Togetherness the key swapping the pieces between one another.
It isn’t a solitary game of guesswork you might be able to complete alone,
sharing those little wooden shapes completes us all,
but can you see where you might fit into the collage of another?
Thus it becomes a paradox with the ability to give, and to retract.
Where a perfectly shaped collaboration is taken away in time.
With that action you might diminish the whole thus completely altering any possible future solutions,
when, or more likely if, someone tries to fit their pieces in the spaces left behind,
but can you appreciate the emptiness those gaps create?
How lucky are those whose puzzle is completed, complimenting the completion of another.
But how unfortunate are those who get so close, yet end up with fundamental pieces removed.
Becoming a soul who might have offered the parts you need,
bits of love, tempered in the fires of fear, shaped by the cool waters of shared understanding,
but can you accept what might be even if the jigsaw seems impossible at times?
Steve B 06/08