I remember, like it happened yesterday.
So unbelievably vivid,
like my mind placed the entire evening in a special part of itself,
where there is no degradation over time.
A place where I can relive that magical first meeting,
never growing tired, or old, or useless.
Except it wasn’t yesterday.
But oh how we yearn for wishes to come true,
so I could apply lessons learnt and correct mistakes made from there forwards,
not hiding who I am, just ironing out the creases in the fabric of me.
Before those crumpled edges, seams and worn down faces
expose the frailty underneath.
Moving ever more distant from yesterday.
Observing the motion of that I no longer affect,
wondering how to nudge my own orbit a little closer to bask in the stardust floating in the wake.
But I’ll never reach those wondrous heights again,
never truly content with what might be.
Life’s too short, but lightning won’t strike twice.
Cherishing this dream between now and yesterday.
Knowing that I won’t look into those eyes and see love within them,
yet understanding that a single glance could still disarm me, and always will.
Forever wondering, always trying to improve in order to better who I am,
analysing the day for those moments I could have been better.
Then resting, smiling knowingly upon awakening.
It truly happened yesterday.
Steve B 06/08