A question of?
Or the answer to?
It all comes down to time or, more accurately, our perception of it.
Passing unnoticed to many, to others it is just each mechanical sweep around the circle,
from the changing colours of the leaves, to the daily siren-like sound pulling us from slumber.
A million million chemical bonds cracking in the blink of an eye,
elements breaking down then joining together, changing from one form into another.
To the near infinite fusion within a star, which might be seen every night for a billion more years,
even if it extinguished itself a billion years ago.
How close are we, in time, to finding what we seek?
Perhaps a hair’s breadth away, or beyond our capacity to ever know?
Or understand?
Every soul has a different purpose, a unique destiny.
But first we must be content with that we already have,
to want more is a human condition, to possess what we need is spiritual.
That is what transcends time, the individual exploration of the mind, spirit and soul.
And so we seek, if we dare, someone to join us in this journey of discovery,
Who can challenge us one moment, destroy in another, but restore our faith in the next.
An equal, with a capacity to teach, as well as learn. Who understands their own flaws,
but chooses to use their time to correct them and those of their partner, as their lives intertwines.
Yet it is important to know nothing is everlasting. Life itself is a finite exercise,
so we must choose carefully….
How our time is spent,
what we do alone,
who we want to be with,
and why we want to have time to go where we can explore together.
Perhaps that answers my question?
Steve B 06/08