Beams of light for to guide a way forward,
progression to higher, better places.
Learning with each new experience, knowing that a stumble
will only cause an outstretched arm to steady, to help, to hold.
Impressions that will last a lifetime, shadows synchronised,
hands locked, rocking back and forth with each step.
Into the brighter, more colourful space, shared emotions and dreams.
No clouds in the sky, no darkness on the horizon,
just a pale blue above, a deep lustre of green underfoot.
With renewed purpose, clarity, motivations….
Togother what could be accomplished?
His ‘potential’, her ‘focus’,
to be as one in life and love, looking at the future with eyes no longer hazy.
And all for the sight of those beams of light, cutting through the crowd,
otherwise he would just have remained an empty part of the many.
Now he is the one in a million for which anything can be possible.
And she is there, waiting,
holding the Sun in her delicate grasp to help him see.
Steve B 05/08