Like a flash of lightning, without any sound though beyond a ringing scream in his mind.
What was once whole now split asunder, at least two pieces maybe more, but at least two.
At points they overlapped, almost normal reaction contained in that denser pocket,
a conjoined part knitted together perhaps purposefully, but more likely accidental.
The rift was meant to highlight the different sides, in all things…..
Lighter, friendlier, more affable. There was a keenness that reverberated outwards.
Happy to simply have the memories to look back upon, desiring an opportunity as a friend to become more again.
There was an almost excessive smile,
not quite a grin, but a knowing nod to passion and desires satiated, and then some.
It grew more resounding the further away from the overlapping effects of the other side,
brighter, sharper, more intense.
An aura of brilliant white, which became redder as the centre approached,
purple bled out of the crossover, the part which remained somewhat true to the whole.
So, the darker side, a duller edge. Moving into blue, to violet,
then inky black at the recesses furthest from the centre.
More emotional, sadder, angrier, resentful, bitter.
Rational to a point, yet unable to fathom the recent, as well as the distant past.
The face was contorted with rage, lips thinned, teeth bared,
not quite a full on scowl, but a representation of all the fears and dashed expectations acknowledged, and then some.
Split for the sake of a shattered mind,
moving from one to the other, anc occasionally the centre.
Flowers and sunshine one moment,
shadows and hurt the next.
But when in the centre, when the small part of the whole is in control,
rationality and realism bring a sense of closure.
When each side won’t let go, for their own reasons,
the middle just wants to move on,
yet until the split is healed it won’t happen.
When, in time, the edges recede,
the overt happiness, the unquestionable emotion,
the want of more, the need to understand,
the whole becomes simple again.
If, or when, this happens,
a new chapter will begin.
Steve B 05/08