What’s left when a heart is broken except reflective pieces which no one dare peer into?
Collectively those shards fought for something special, magical, almost mystical
as love cannot be explained with mere words.
To have your feelings, your desires, your very existence given another physical form to share,
together pushing the boundaries of understanding,
moments of sheer enlightenment shoring up those which confound and confuse.
Yet that is the essence of reciprocated love,
the knowledge gained from each other, trusting them to be there at the exact second you cry out.
So what’s left?
Love is a double-edged sword, both cutting surfaces as razor sharp as another.
One side embodies the perfection achieved when it slices through prejudices,
fear, discrimination, difficulty and loss.
It serves to remind that if you work together, true love will overcome all obstacles.
Barriers will collapse, in time, as well as having that means to defend those feelings in the face of adversity.
The other side of the blade is darker, warning the wielder who falls in love.
Just as powerful, but only internal. Hacking indiscriminately through it’s owner if his feelings are one way traffic.
Spilling blood and tears, until he throws the sword away.
Yet the shiny promise of what was, what might be again forces him to gaze at what he holds in his hands, and wonder.
Ignoring the pain of yet another open wound.
What’s left?
Seeing the written words of someone with a different perspective,
pouring out all there was inside.
Reading, understandng, but not wanting to believe.
A face of sheer despair, a body bereft of hope, a soul tormented
but a reason to accept the inevitable.
Now is the time to rebuild, alone.
Alone and sad, with both feet now across the invisible line.
Not much left.
The sword WILL be cast away.
Steve B 04/08